Explore inside this beachside 1966 Silver Queen trailer

Sometimes it is nice to have a little time to yourself, to experience a vacation at your own pace, and to treat yourself to some days on the beach. This tiny 1966 Silver Queen trailer is perfect way for the solo traveler to have all of those things. 'Rosita' is listed on Airbnb for one lucky person to rent for a weekend getaway. Get ready to soak up some well-deserved peace and tranquility in this tropical backyard oasis.
This 1960s travel trailer is located in a secluded backyard just a few blocks away from Venice Beach, California, and the boardwalk. What the cozy 16 x 8 trailer doesn't have, the large backyard makes up for in gardens, seating, and a vintage fireplace. Although the trailer has been restored, the whole retreat aims to maintain those 1960s vibes. If you admire unique style and laid back atmosphere, take a look inside.
To get to the trailer, you must first walk through the beautifully landscaped 5,000-square-foot garden. While relaxing on the patio you are surrounded by tropical flowers, herbs, and palms.
Natural sunlight fills the interior and warm tones of the wood paneling contribute to the calming atmosphere.
As an homage to the past, the original green stove and fridge were kept in the trailer as decorative elements.
A full kitchen stocked with modern appliances is located outside. An additional dining area allows you to mingle with the other guests at the retreat.
Perhaps the best part about this little, old trailer is the bathroom. This outdoor bathroom features raised ceilings and a claw foot bathtub that will allow you to soak in the open air.
While maintaining your privacy, you will feel like you are in the great outdoors with these sliding glass windows.
The super soft Tempurpedic mattress will make it hard to ever leave.
While the trailer features a cozy breakfast nook, there is also an outdoor living area. Who wouldn't want to fire up that bright orange fireplace?
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