Enjoy the sweet, simple life offered by this remodeled 1960s camper and its pristine interior

Glamping meets tiny living in this homey, 1960s camper. Here you can enjoy a quirky and cozy camping experience under a beautiful magnolia tree in Louisville, Kentucky. While it is updated to suit today's needs, it still reflects all of its original vintage charm. We know you will appreciate this camper's contemporary elegance and minimal grace.
Travelers can rent this camper through Airbnb, for under 100 dollars a night. Located in a historic neighborhood only two miles from downtown, there are tons of sights and activities for guests to check out during their stay. When describing the camper, the host borrows words from the great Jack Kerouac, "One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple." Their trailer is the embodiment of sweet, simple camping.
The amount of natural sunlight that fills this camper will leave you feeling warm and toasty. Make yourself comfortable in the sheepskin lined dining chair and soak up the beams of light.
Everything in this camper has its place, giving the entire space a clean, coherent aesthetic. ​
The hosts really took the time to gather exquisite, modern objects to prove that every aspect of life is affected by the power of design.
Handsome and functional. The storage areas throughout the camper are perfectly organized leaving every nook with its special purpose.
There is a full-size toilet located in the camper, but it is more similar to traditional camping in the sense that there is no shower on the property.
The kitchenette is fully functional, and we know that the funky-shaped teapot makes a mean cup of chai.
When it's time to hit the sack, you won't be disappointed by the plush bed and the peaceful atmosphere.
This camper is so charming, it doesn't even need to have a shower. What're your thoughts? SHARE this article on Facebook and let us know in the comments!
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